About me

*Blog ended July 2019*

I'm Shannon Furniss, 25 years old, and from Leicester, which is in the East Midlands of the UK. 

I started Studs & Flicks in April 2013, as a hobby during the summer before I started my Fashion Studies undergraduate course, at University of Lincoln. During that summer, I discovered how much I enjoyed makeup, as well as fashion, which led me to writing this blog. I found that I could use this blog to give my opinion on different trends and products, which is something that I lot of my friends and family used to ask me.

During the years of writing this blog, I have completed a BA course in Fashion Studies, at University of Lincoln, and recently, completed a MA course in Fashion & Textiles, at De Montfort University.

Over the years, I have fallen in-and-out of love with blogging, but as of September 2018, Studs & Flicks has been relaunched, after being abandoned for over a year.
Studs & Flicks features posts about fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and opinion based pieces.
Hope you enjoy reading